Simple Moments

Uniquely created. Treasured. Loved.

About The Writer

Hello! I’m Gelie. Welcome to!

Working with kids is one of my passions. Reading is always my favorite time of the day.

I’m passionate about sharing the goodness of the Creator of the universe. Through writing, I would like to extend His goodness and the love of Jesus to all the readers by sharing the simple moments where I learned to know God more as I walk with Him.

Thank you for spending time reading. I hope you will enjoy and feel blessed!

To my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, may you continue to shine your light wearing the full armor of God. Keep watching for we don’t know when Christ will return just like how He described the last days like in the days of Noah.

To those that don’t know God yet, He invites everyone to join His family. Just call unto Him. He is more than happy to hear from you. If you want us to pray for you, you can send your prayer request at this email:

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