During my last holiday vacation in Philippines, I looked for a shop to break my 1000 PHP bill into smaller denominations. As I love reading, a bookstore caught my attention immediately as a place where I could exchange my bills. I went inside and hoped to find a book that would capture my interest. As I searched the bookshelves I wasn’t able to find something to which I wanted to dedicate my time. So, I paused for a moment and asked God to help lead me to a book I could purchase.

I looked down at the bookshelf and on a front cover saw a familiar picture of one of my favorite authors. Immediately, I grabbed the Joyce Meyer book and read the summary on the back. This was a book to which I could devote my attention! I checked the price and the tag showed 589 PHP. It was more than I wanted to pay and the frugal part of me paused for a moment. I also realized that I might not find this book again, so I decided to purchase it. I handed it to the cashier who scanned the barcode, and the price of 100 PHP popped up on her register.  She looked at me in surprise and scanned it again. When 100 PHP showed up again on her computer, we both looked at each other a little confused and then realized that the price in the computer system was different than the price on the tag. I handed her my 1000 PHP and she handed my 900 PHP in change. I was so excited I could hardly wait to go home and start reading my new indulgence that only cost me 100 PHP.

Every time God surprises and answers my prayers, I can’t help the tears of joy that run down my eyes. Indeed, God can give us more than we can ever imagine. God loves it when we thank Him, even in the little things. He always wants to give us the best, to give things that the world can’t. And He wants us to extend these blessings to others. Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”. He wants to be involved in every detail of our lives so we can make good choices when we follow Him. He knows this will bring happiness and peace to His children.

There are times that our prayers don’t get answered right away or different from the way we expected. That’s okay, keep praying. I have learned that God IS working even when I don’t see an immediate answer. I continue to remind myself of this truth and know that in the waiting, He is making me ready for the blessing by giving me the right heart and attitude. That way when He does give me the desire of my heart, I enjoy and value it more. Our part is to ask God and then trust in His perfect timing. By doing this, we start knowing God more and more each day. He is happy to personally reveal His wisdom to us because He loves us so much more than anyone in this world can.