Because I love reading, a dear friend of mine referred me to a book that I might be interested too. The title of this book is “The Shack”. Yes, I was so fond of reading the book that I finished it in just three days!

I would like to share my thoughts with some of the lines that got into me for which I can compare to something sharper than any two-edged sword. So here we go!

As I was raised in a Christian family, I started reading the Bible as a kid. Honestly, the more I read the scriptures, the more questions formed in my mind like riddles. I can definitely say that my knowledge as a human being is so limited in trying to understand God’s mysteries and wisdom. One of the scripture verses that I’m holding on to when I ask something from God, including wisdom, says, “For everyone who asks, receives and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened,” (Matthew 7:8).  

The mystery of Jesus dying on the cross was difficult to understand when I was a kid. One chapter in the The Shack tells when Mack, the main character, got challenged by Sophia (representing God’s wisdom) to become the judge of the world. Mack believes God is judging the world. Sophia asked Mack, knowing that he loved his children even though they make mistakes, asks him to choose which child would spend an eternity in God’s new heavens and new earth, and which one wouldn’t. Mack, as a father, couldn’t bear seeing any of his children not entering the new heaven and earth…even if they committed a heinous crime. He couldn’t! For Mack, it was not about his children’s performance. It was about his love for them. 

Mack was screaming at Sophia telling her he could not judge of the world, especially his own children. He looked at Sophia, pleading with his eyes, “Could I go instead? If you need someone to torture for eternity, I’ll go in their place”. To me, these particular lines are mind-blowing. I realized more about what John 3:16 means. This scripture verse says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” It all boils down to God’s deep love for us, just like how Mack loved his children.

Sophia responded to Mack saying, “You have judged them worthy of your love, even if it cost you everything.” That is how God loves all his children, perfectly. God will always find a way to redeem everyone so we can live with Him forever. Which is why we, humans, were created in the very beginning. To live with God forever. This makes me think about how special we are to Him among all of His creations.

There is a lot of wisdom I found while reading the book. They also produced a movie from this book. If you might want to know the whole story, I suggest reading the book first before watching the movie as the book is more detailed. You can find copies in, and other related sources online.  I hope these insights helped in some ways to make you feel loved by the Creator of the universe.